wildblossom // elixir
wildblossom // elixir

wildblossom // elixir

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Use this delicious elixir anytime you are feeling like you need some self love, a pick me up and a return to your natural state of joy. As a visionary herb, honeysuckle helps clear and sharpen the mind, and is said to induce dreams of passion and of love.  Made with tinctured wild honeysuckle, wild rose and elder blossoms, as well as honeysuckle flower essence in brandy and organic honey. 
The wild flower essence provides a wonderful tool for healing, emotional support and personal growth in an area of practice known as 'Vibrational Medicine'. This type of plant medicine tends to have a gradual effect over a period of time. Therefore, I recommend you be consistent with taking it and incorporate it into your daily self-care practice.

Directions: take one dropper full directly under tongue or add a few drops into some water/tea to give it a slight sweet floral taste. For maximum shelf life store in a cool, dry, and dark location and use within a year.


ORGANIC//WILD:  Lonicera japonic (honeysuckle) flower ●Rosa so. (wild rose) flower + Sambucus nigra (black elder) blossom infused brandy ●rosewater ●Lonicera japonica (honeysuckle) flower essence ●raw, local honey

2 oz. reusable/recyclable glass bottle with dropper