Lada Markin is an artist, educator, and wildcrafter who lives in the heart of Sinixt Nation Territory in British Columbia. She is the sole creator behind Ladalove Apothecary, a small Kootenay-grown business that offers heartfelt medicine created with mindfullness and integrity. All offerings are handmade in small batches with wild-crafted, sustainably gathered and garden grown botanicals. She holds a B.F.A from Concordia University in Montreal, an education degree from U.B.C., an Art, Craft + Design diploma from K.S.A. and has studied herbalism for over twenty years. Since 2013, Lada has been developing her line of apothecary products based on practices of ancestral folk medicine.

Lada has been fascinated with plants and their natural healing powers from early childhood. Lada’s Doukhobor principles of pacifism, non-violence, and vegetarianism continue to play a role in the practice of her craft and lifestyle. Rather than rely on outside commercial sources, Lada’s ancestors grew organic gardens and orchards, processed their own food, harvested local plants, berries, and mushrooms from the wild woods, and without access to medical resources relied on their own healing methodology and cures.

Lada is blessed to share some of these skills in her apothecary line. Her formulations are inspired by ancient recipes that have stood the test of time. Ladalove Apothecary began as a way to share her ongoing study in folk herbal medicine, lore, storytelling, and tradition. Here you will find generational healing passed down through ancestral knowledge. Lada's formulations demonstrate how the experience of root, branch, leaf, and flower, transform into pure herbal healing products. Ladalove Apothecary works with the plants intuitively as they appear in her life throughout each season and lunar cycle. May you enjoy her medicinal and artistic offerings, and be inspired to reclaim the path of your own healing through the simple and safe plant magick of the wild ones.