Soulfire // loose incense
Soulfire // loose incense

Soulfire // loose incense

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To call in soul-opening sensuality (of self and/or others -romantic or platonic). Invite romantic growth, and become open to give and receive L-O-V-E + intimacy. 

Incense can be used to raise your energetic vibrations and generate a positive, spiritual, and loving sense of well-being. The smoke from burning incense is known to be a vehicle between this realm and others and can carry prayers into the cosmos as well as clear any negative energies. Our alchemically blended incense is intentionally created with both organic/garden grown and wildcrafted herbs as well as quality selected resins + spice.

*The perfect addition for tantric love play + sex magick. (includes 1 charcoal puck for burning)


Use responsibly: Avoid burning incense if you experience respiratory irritation or respiratory distress in the presence of smoke. Always be mindful of fire safety, especially indoors and in dry climates. Supervised use, using only a heat-safe and fire proof container. Keep out of the reach of children and pets.

1 oz. reusable/recyclable metal tin