Heartsong // tea
Heartsong // tea

Heartsong // tea

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A beautiful healing blend to open the heart space and to connect deeply with oneself while releasing dense, stuck emotions such as fear, grief, guilt and other heavy vibrations. This combination supports a gentle release of what no longer serves us.
When the blockages have cleared, the heart chakra can begin to re-enter a healthy and harmonious balance. Heartsong is a powerful combination to envoke feelings of love, nourishment and support so that one may feel safe to rise into their highest/truest self.

*Caffeine free. One bag will yield 10-13 cups of tea, using 1 tablespoon of tea per cup.

ORGANIC//WILD: ●Turnera diffuse (Damiana) leaf Rosa sp. (rose) flowers + hips ●Hibiscus sabdariffa (hibiscus) flower ●Cinnamomum cassia (cinnamon) chips ●Citrus sinesis (orange) peel ●Theobroma cacao (raw cacao) nibs


PACKAGING: Our teas are blended, packaged and sealed on the same day. We maintain the freshest quality of dried herbs by blending in small batches. Our kraft pouches are sealed for freshness but also have a resealable zipper to keep the quality after being opened. 


2 oz. recyclable kraft paper pouch