Hathor // Ritual Spray

Hathor // Ritual Spray

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Hathor is the matron goddess of women; the guardian of females. She is the spirit of joy, love, dance, and perfume. A primordial spirit, she has dominion over sex, pleasure, intoxication, magick, music, and death. Hathor is the celestial cow; for the Milky Way spills from her divine breasts.

Chanel your inner sultry goddess with Hathor’s ritual spray. Hathor smells exotic; a mysterious, sweet, earthy aroma. Infused with notes of amber, incense, delicate rose and hints of vanilla + citrus. A sweet and sexy combination, just like YOU!

Use it as a mood enhancer, during ritual practises, or in personal preparation for spell work.


2 oz. reusable/recyclable glass bottle with mister