Spiced rosehip // digestive bitters

Spiced rosehip // digestive bitters

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Bitters are an excellent way to prepare your stomach for transitioning into Winter’s slumber. Our digestive bitters are full of warming spices and nutrient dense, root medicine to kick start healthy digestion! Bitters also make a lovely flavor addition to seltzer drinks, herbal mock-tails and cocktails.

Shake well. 3-5 drops in water or on tongue, one to three times a day (best taken before meals)


ORGANIC//WILD: ●Rosa nootkana (nootka rose) hips/flowers ●organic orange rind ●cinnamon ●cloves ●fennel ●green + black cardamom ●wild ginger ●local, organic Valhalla vodka


1 oz. reusable/recyclable glass bottle with dropper